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We got the package and just as I suspected the girls LOVE the dresses and will not take them off! Eme (Blossom) got spaghetti sauce on hers last night so I washed it this morning and she was asking "Is my dress ready yet?" Because she's Blossom. So cute. I'll take pictures of them later today. -Melissa, Poulsbough, WA.

The pillows were delivered on Friday and the recipients were super excited.  Thanks for another superb job!  I have to say, Alaina's pillow might be my favorite of all the ones I've ordered over the years.  I just love it, and so does my sister (Alaina's mom). - Ryan, Los Angeles

You've made my son the happiest 7 year old in the galaxy!! The Acklay is incredible!! It had all the features he was expecting. I appreciate your detail and hard work. I certainly understand putting time into projects. THANK YOU KOKOLEO!! -Elise, North Carolina

Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much! - Ioanna, Athens, Greece

OMG.. just got the custom monsters in the mail... even BETTER in person!! Seriously KB, you could make a lot of money doing these. They appeal to everyone who is looking for a unique and personal gift for a child... and boys are harder than girls. These are PERFECT. ;) THANKS!!!!!!!! -Amber, North Carolina

Wow! I am so blown away again! This is such an adorable dress, I will even admit to clapping and squealing when opening the daughter LOOOOVES it! Amazing quality as always, I would recommend Kokoleo to anybody, I am a repeat buyer and will definetely be buying again in the future. Thanks! - Margaret, Gendale, AZ

Unbelievably stunning! Couldn't be more pleased! - Stephani, Euliss, TX

I could not be more pleased with this dress. The quality is absolutely AMAZING! Everytime she wears this we get a ton of compliments. This is definetely going to get a lot of wear and fits her so precious as a dress now and will transition beautifully into a top as she gets older. I am definetely considering buying more of these in different prints. Thank you so much!!! - Margaret, Glendale, AZ

I just got the tree in the mail today! Wow!! Wow! WOW!!!!! It's so beautiful and I love it so much! Thank you! I can't believe how talented and amazing you are! And with Gran's velvet, which I recognized immediately. This is the most gorgeous and meaningful piece of art ever and it brings tears to my eyes. I really cannot thank you enough. I'm so happy I can hang this where I can see it every day and be reminded of so many good things. You are totally the best! -Jessie, Long Beach, CA

I opened the box and the waterworks started flowing - how creative and thoughtful you are. The kids and Debbie will love the pillows, and each household of the family can have a heart, what a great surprise. Thank you so much! - Amy, Salisbury, MD

I just got Lily's banner from the WGO girls and am blown away at how beautiful it is! My mom was here when I opened it and was super-impressed too. I'll send pictures when I get it up above her crib. Love it! Thanks! - Susan, Canada

Received the dress... It is absolutely PERFECT! My daughter will be right on theme for her 3rd birthday party - a smurf party! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! - Anne, Sterling VA

You are very talented, I get complimented on the twins' name banners all of time, I just love them. You've no idea how many hours I've spent just looking at them while nursing the twins in the early days. - Jane, Toronto, Ontario

Just wanted to say thanks again. Both pillows were a huge hit!! - Ryan, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks KB for the awesome delivery. We love the extras. The superstar jeans are fun, but of course my fav is the Animal T-shirt. That was my archetype when I was a child. OK and still today. Thanks so much. Stacy and I think the banners came out great. Thanks...right in time. Much love and appreciation. Hope to see you all soon. - Joshua, White Sulphur Springs, WV

thanks girl.......apron is AWESOME! she is going to love it! i couldn't be happier! - Jenny, Huntington, WV

Hey KB. Got the banner today. It looks even better in real life. Perfect timing, too. Thank you Thank you Thank you. - Juliet, Roanoke, VA

Received the skirt and LOVE it!!! Will wear to my next performance for sure. - Amy Farris, L.A. musician

I received the pillow last week - and it is fabulous! Thank you so much! I can't wait for my daughter's birthday - I'm sure it will be a hit!
Thanks again
- Angela, Warsaw, NY

I love my bag. It's beautiful. Thank you so much for the goodies that you included. You're such a sweetie. Thanks again! - Jennifer, Dunbar, WV

Got the necklace today!!! LOVE it!!! Thank you so much! The Suess magnet is cute too - Keira claimed that and it is already on the fridge. - Jenny, Huntington, WV

Thanks SO much for the it and love the little extras! I want to make sure it goes to someone who will appreciate it, so I may do an auction. You rock! - Matty, Oakland, CA

I got your package today! That was super fast. Thank you Thank you! I love my Raggedy Ann and it was sweet of you to throw in the pin. You made my day! Rules! - Shari, Bonnin Designs

I gave the gracie pillow to her mother this weekend, and she cried!!! Another KOKOLEO success! Thanks… Cheers - Jill, Seattle, WA

Got it!! Thanks so much...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! -Jenny, Huntington, WV

oh man this is the freshest! I will wear it everywhere! - nectorgirl, via Etsy

The shirts look even better in person than they did on the web. They're adorable and Ava has already gotten several compliments (and I've mentioned your website every time!).- Jennie, Prescott Valley, AZ

KB, your pillow was the hit of all the gifts at Laura's party. The moms loved it and were asking me for your website. Thanks! - Carolyn, Scotts Valley, CA

The shirt is adorable! And, I think the "wonky" O makes it even more Rock-n-Roll. Jen was so excited that Ella was getting a pillow to match Ava's. I attached the photo to a birthday card & they LOVE it!!! - Steph, NYC

Got the pillowcase today. It's awesome! I'll send you picture of Willa with the pilla (case) when I can get her to sit still long enough to take a photo. Thanks again for all your hard work and, especially, your creativity. Best wishes to your, yours, and those soon to be. - Christine, Saint Louis, MO

I received it Saturday! I absolutely love's even better in person. Thanks so much! - Jennifer, MD

Incredible bag! Super quick shipping! Couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you! - (via Etsy) Jessica, Seattle, WA

SUPER FAST shipping and a beautiful bag! Thank you! - (via Etsy) Elise, Little Rock Arkansas

I cannot say this enough I LOVE IT! it is soooooo beautiful! I cannot wait to hang it here at the shop! You are just so wonderful! Thank you thank you! - Natalie, San Diego, CA

I love all of the shirts, KB! I just got them. The girls were so excited that they wore them right away. They fit perfectly. Thanks so much! - Holly, Windsor, Ontario

Hi! Just wanted to tell you I got the Raggedy Anne dress on Saturday. It's awesome! My daughter loves it, too - which is no small feat. It's so well-made and the material is in great shape. Thanks again! - Lisa, Elkins Park PA (

I wanted to let you know we received everything in the mail a little bit ago.
Everything was even cuter than I imagined. I love all the shirts and the skirt fit perfectly. I am attaching pictures. . . Thanks again KB, I love everything.

- Rachel, McClean, VA

KB, you are such a doll. Linden loves it. He started laughing so hard when I opened the package. It was hysterical. He calls it Dooley and man, he loves Dooley. Thank you so much. - Karen, Victoria, BC

The banner is hands-down, no question, no contest my favorite gift for Graham. When I opened the box and opened it up it was just more lovely than I anticipated. . . The quality is beautiful, thank you so very much - we will always treasure it. . . It must be cool that your creativity and passion makes other people so happy. - Amy, Salisbury Maryland

Hi KB,
I just wanted to let you know that the swing tote is such a hit! I go to a play group every week and all the moms love that tote. I'm more than happy to spread the word about Kokoleo. It's easy to do when I'm using my tote and people compliment me on it--which invariably happens whenever I use it! Love, love your work!!
- Kari, Los Angeles, CA

Aw, Marianne got it and she loved it! Here's what she said:
"You should have seen me open it. When I saw her name and it was all pretty I almost got weepy like I was looking down at my baby's face. I love personalised things maybe too much because I never found anything with my name on it, not one stupid ugly pencil. They always had Marian or Mary Ann but never my spelling of my name and I always had to look for it when ever I saw one of those spinning things and I didn't care what the object was I just wanted it to have my name. Anyway, I adore it. It's handmade and so fun and pretty and special. I think I'm going to put it on her wall so everyone can see it and I'm sure it will be on her wall for years."
Aw, so sweet! I just thought you'd like to hear how much people love your stuff! - Jacquelyn, Toronto, ON

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillows!!! So glad we did it. Perfect size, perfect color. Thanks for doing such a great job. - Laura, Downey, CA

Let me just say that Kokoleo made me a GORGEOUS laptop bag. I'm sorry...I just can't stop praising it. You are SO talented!!! GAH!!! - Lizzie, via The Switchboards

It is so cute--you are the best! I'll send a picture of Willa & the pilla in case you would like to see her. Finding your work has been the best thing about this summer. I can't wait to buy more! Thanks so....much. - Christine, St. Louis, MO

Hi again! I just got it and it's SO gorgeous. Thanks again so much. I'm so happy to send a special gift that isn't from Toys R Us! – Aileen, Singapore

Hi KB,
The dress that I ordered arrived---we love it! -
Christine, Saint Louis, MO

The girls LOVE their pillows. Except when they are beating the crap out of each other with them. I'll get a picture of them to send to you. Avery takes everyone up to her room to show them her new pillow. And she likes to make her bed to make it all look nice, so thanks! - Danielle, Calgary, Alberta

I love it! Man, you're a fast little artisan. I may have some more orders coming your way - you're stuff is adorable and unique. – Carol, Henderson, Michigan

Dear KB, The stuff arrived today!! So fast & so cute! I’ll send some more photos of Jesser in his duds. Thanks so much for the bib & the onsie—I LOVE them!!!! Hugs all around. – Stephanie, New York City

Hi KB, We got your parcel this morning and the dress is already making its debut today in the local park! The dress and skirt are just lovely. I love it when kids are dressed like kids so I am particularly fond of A-line jumpers. I will try to take some photos and send them to you so that you can see your creations on the streets of London! – Shari, London, England

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It is exactly what I had in mind. It will look so great on her new bed when we get it! Girl, thank you. I will be ordering more for friends!!! Yay! Your talent is so awesome. I am beyond jealous. – Carolyn, San Jose, CA

Hey there!!! I GOT MY STUFF TODAY... and I LOVE THE YOGA BAG! My mat loves it too...
– Becky, Washington D.C.

I got your bag today and I am SO happy!!! It is so absolutely FABULOUS! I cannot thank you enough - you are truly talented. THANK YOU!! - Lizzie, Santa Monica, CA

Oh my god, I just got the diaper bag. KB, it is PERFECT. I gasped when I took out the Clara banner. It's beautiful. I love it. I want to sing it songs. Thank you so much!
– Pamela, Tucson, AZ