kokoleo special personalized commissions

Quilts, business banners, etc.
Prices vary. Email me with your idea and I will gladly give you a quote.

Simply send me an email at kb.kokoleo@gmail.com with
"kokoleo personalized request" and let me know what you have in mind. I will get back to to you ASAP with design/color/size/payment options from which to choose.

Scroll down to see examples.

For Renee, to wear on The Price Is Right:

For Becky, in Washington D.C.:

A special graduation quilt for a client's sister:

A wall hanging for two boys in Georgia:

A business banner for Pick Me A Daisy in San Diego:

Birthday banners for twins:

A booth banner for BabyRevolution.

A gift for Jenny who heads Felt Club:.

A raffle item for the school:

A business banner for Junk in Our Trunk:.


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